About | Weesho Lapara

We understand that every product needs proper documentation. We are here to help you get the most value out of your technical content budget. We can work with you to create high-quality documentation that meets your needs and expectations.

Our story

After spending 8 years as a technical writer, building technical writing teams and processes in companies, from startups to enterprises, Bishwanath (Biso) Parajuli founded Weesho Lapara to help companies create clear, correct and concise technical contents and technical documentation infrastructure that resonates with their users.

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What do we offer that others don’t?

  • We specialize in helping companies with their documentation and content for developers.
  • We don’t just provide technical content, but also the best solutions to present it.
  • We prioritize accessibility and user experience when developing content.
  • Our strength lies in our extensive network of freelancers, engineering managers, engineers, and editors. We match the right people with the right job.
  • We are dedicated to driving innovation and enabling your users to overcome the challenges of working with your products.